Go Kids Go

The Go Kids Go project was conceived in 2012 with the ambition of encouraging children and young people to adopt a more active lifestyle – both in terms of social activity and physical activity.

The project also aims to encourage interaction of young people with the society at large, developing interpersonal skills and presenting opportunities to make a contribution to our society in general.

In today’s world, the freedom to enjoy more casual groupings on streets and in parks etc has become severely restricted. This has been greatly exacerbated, in the last 18 months, by the global pandemic which has changed the way we all interact as a society.

So how could we in the Lions club help? Clearly not directly, because we do not have the contacts, the qualifications or the expertise to provide the right kind of outlet for our young people in this way.

BUT, what we are good at is raising money. It’s what we do! We are able toraise money to support clubs and organisations which in turn help and encourage our youngsters to engage in activities, in teams and with each other.

Our Local newspaper, the Mercury, was enthused and backed us with publicity, administration and sponsorship in the years since the project began.

We asked local businesses to help and they, in turn, saw the benefits of this project. Annually, since 2012 we have raised around £10,000 to £12,000 and all monies received have always been awarded in full as grants.

We ask organisations that help young people in either sport or community endeavors or theatre groups or, indeed any thing which promotes activity and social interaction in the youngto apply to usfor a grant to further their work.

We generally attract between 40 and 60 applications each year. A judging panel,drawn from our sponsors, then decides on the relative merits of each application and award a grant.

Rather than just send a cheque we ask the groups to attend a presentation where the cheques are given (the amounts are not given out publicly). In this way the groups get to know one another, the Mercury gets good copy, the project gets good publicity and it’s a lovely occasion, as you can see from the photographs that have featured in the paper over the years!

The 2021 Go Kids Go launched on 1st September, and applications close on 30th September. For your chance to apply for a grant this year, please follow the link on this web page. Good luck!


This year our sponsors are, in no particular order:  Nightingales removals,the Grand Pier, the Howard group of garages,  McDonalds franchisees, Trevor Smith flooring, A-Squared Technologies, Mead Realisations, property developers, The Mercury and Weston-super-Mare Lions club.

This year we had 44 applications of which 32 were successful

Club What for (in brief) Amount
Priory Pumas kits and equipment £250
Weston Swimming Club Equipment £200
Ashcombe Scouts Cooking equipment £125
Air Training Corps Squadron Cooking equipment £125
Winscombe Cricket Equipment £250
Boxer Tots Equipment £150
All Stars Dance Gym mats £400
Vogue Twirlers PomPoms £200
Our Way Our Say Activities £500
Locking Park Juniors (U13s?) Goals £500
1st Ashcombe Cubs tents £250
1st North Worle Scouts Flooring for hall £500
Weston Sea Cadets Musical instrument £180
Weston Rugby Club Equipment £200
Locking Brownies residential weekends £250
Super Nova Gym mats £400
Weston Aerobic safety mats £400
St Nicholas Preschool outdoor flooring £500
1st Ashcombe Beavers day walks and equipment £125
Weston Festival of Drama event costs £200
Weston Tennis club Equipment £250
1st Milton Scouts pioneering poles £125
Hutton Primary School play equipment £1,000
Play Wild! outdoor forest skills £220
Priory Juniors FC equipment £250
Flying High Performing Arts Equipment £600
Netball Club Equipment £250
Locking Park FC (U11s) Equipment £250
Boost rebound trampoline Equipment for disabled children £600
Kewstoke School Equpment £250
Hornets Rugby Club Equipment £250
St Paul’s School Worlebury Equipment £250